Thoughts & Mini-Sermons

When did I start thinking that my struggles with God and Christianity would benefit anyone? When did my thought process start coming out like mini sermons? I don’t remember making a conscious effort to do that! So I must apologize. With sincere heart and a little embarrassment, can I just say that this whole venture was just meant to share a thought? Maybe someone in the same boat could use an oar also?

I am a teacher, by nature. Seriously, when I was a child I spent hours teaching my dolls and younger sisters (really anyone I could con into listening!) anything I had learned; and my thirst for learning was voracious so that was often. I look back now and wonder if that’s one of the reasons my sisters hated school. But because I collect even random knowledge like the dusty knick-knacks they become I am prone to over-sharing. You’re welcome.

This last weekend I became victim to a change in procedure, illness, and low self-esteem. What a wonderful combination that can be for someone actively praying for a direction in life! I spent a zombie-like day in contemplation and prayer and low and behold, “There came a knocking on my heart.” Only it knocked me down a few pegs.

Who am I, I know, to “mini sermon” any of you? I am no one. I am someone who went searching for answers and whether I really found them or thought I did, I am suddenly humbled by the thought that I am sometimes speaking my own words of revelation with no thought as to whether or not I should. I hope I have not offended anyone. I know, better than most, that spiritual matters are extremely personal. If you have tuned in for my ruminations I hope you know they were from a position of, “Ah…look what I found.” Never from a position of, “Ahem, look what you should know.”

I will endeavor, from this point forward, to word things differently or maybe cease blogging altogether. Again, you’re welcome.


My Fame is Yours

“All that the world provides,

all that glitters with high regard, 

every shine of the gold and gleam, 

every promise of rich reward, 

I will give you”, he says, “and more!”

”Reputation and popular vote,

acknowledgement and so much fame

and it will only cost your soul.

Such a minimal thing to give

for a standing among the greats!

In the prime of the best you are

Immortality now awaits!”

And I bow my head in prayer.

I know the truth and more.

The prime of the best in me

is the part of me that’s yours.

In the womb I was wonderfully made

not with glitter or golden façade

but with love and perfect repute

as a treasured child of God.

(c)2020 R. Dee Shihady

Bible Study

And On the Seventh Day

A few days ago I had a thought when I read the verse, “…Everyone is to stay home and rest on the Sabbath. And so they rested on the Sabbath.” *

I’m not a “letter of the law” kind of person but because I know that God’s days are not like my days* and I’m pretty sure not the Jewish calendar or even some other current religions, my mind began asking, “What day is the Sabbath then?”

I’m not a scholar and this is not about the actual question really. What I asked was personal and, in my Spirit, there was a whisper, “When God asks us to rest on the “sabbath” he doesn’t always mean Sunday. Your Father wants you to know that all thing have a season* and that we should be aware and take the rest.” 

Once I began to apply this to my own life I learned a few things, sometimes with guilt but usually more with mirth. No, daily contacts should NOT be worn every day, Dee. Yes, you should rest on Sunday if that’s your only day but Wednesday will do if that’s all you have. And you should definitely, regularly, rest from Facebook, phone games or whatever else keeps you from doing other things regularly (like reading your bible, calling your mom or even taking a nap if your body is screaming for one).

Even fields need a rest from being productive and the earth takes a break from growing in the winter. When God created His world it was a surrender of His time, love and creativity. Even so, (and maybe because of that) He did what needed to be done and then sat back resting so that He could give us His all again another day.

So, here’s the takeaway I’m sharing with you. Take a break from being a daily married couple and go on that date with hubby once a week! Stop being a mom every day and go out for coffee with that friend once a month. In fact, stop cleaning up after everyone and sit on the floor with your children and their puzzles regularly. Obey the Sabbath by small investments in “your world” also, giving rest in the areas necessary to give your all another day.

*Scriptures used or referred to: II Peter 3:8, Genesis 2:2, Exodus 16:30, Exodus 20:8, Ecclesiastes 3:1