Love One Another

I find it interesting that Jesus said, “…as I have loved you, so you should love one another.” (John 13:34).  In my mind this phrase rolls around like a ball between two ping pong paddles.  Not just to love each other but to love as he loved.  I suddenly realize why this thought keeps running through my mind.  I’m thinking about how to love one person and he loved so many.

So many of us are trying to do right by our spouses.  That one person we have chosen to love.  Yet the love I feel sometimes looks nothing like the love Jesus had for all of us.  Oh, I know that’s not a new thought.  It just is quite humbling that’s all.

Like some kind of trial run it seems that God said, “Okay, I know you wouldn’t be all that great at loving everyone so how about just this one to start with?”  Then I suppose if He really wanted you to learn to love He would give your more in the form of children that need an incredible amount of patience?

I have to admit I’m not very good at it sometimes.  I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t tell someone that he’s tired of picking up dirty socks and please go brush your teeth before engaging in the morning.  I’m working on that but it did give me a little jolt when I heard those words again…probably for the thousandth time in my life…just never with quite that personal meaning.

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