Divine Inspiration

sheet musicI don’t often wonder at the magic that is music but in me burns this almost spiritual feeling when I hear something that feels like it speaks for me.  When the lyrics align so completely with what I’m thinking it feels like a favor someone has granted my soul.

I wonder if God feels that way?

When we hear these words, in the music others have written, does he ever say, “Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking!”  Does he ever feel grateful to the writer for finding the words he wants to say to us for him? Does he fill with love hearing the singer portray his words in such a way that it brings tears to someone’s eyes and joy in the heart of another?  Does he ever feel wonder, as we do when our own children do something so completely brilliant that it makes us both proud and awe-inspired (even if we knew they had it in them).

Yes, we can say, “Well of course God put that in their heart…he knew that they would say that…he inspired it.”  But how much do we control our children to do inspiring things with the things that we have taught them? He doesn’t write his words on a piece of paper…he just makes himself felt…and his child takes that feeling and creates something so ideal and stunning that he must just sit back and say, “Hmmm, well look at that…he got it…he really got it.  Way to go son!”

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