Anxiety is an Animal

Anxiety is a creature

with a tail of fire

that twitches in anticipation,

feral in it’s rawness,

wild in it’s relentlessness.

It grieves the heart like a predator;

a mammal of heat

yet cold and frozen through with dread.

Anxiety calls



hungry to devour the peace of your soul,

it’s fur ruffled

by sincere concern.

It waits.

It waits.

And no man

without prayer

can tame the beast.

Poetry and photo by RDS (c) 3/1/2020


Society Virus

This virus

is not an epidemic of health

but of heart.

It is the manifestation of the opinion;

the media of populism.

There is no progress,

no reprieve, no cure,

until we take responsibility for our outcast;

in flesh

or in our own souls.

The trend of stocking up to avoid lack

only feeds the fear fashion.

We are all afraid of being found without,



but it is not material

it is spiritual.

This is the alone-a-virus.

DS (c) 03/16/20

Poetry · Thoughts

God Loves a Questioner

God loves a questioner;

the man who asks before he does.

As much as he who nodding, plodding, does it just because.

God loves a heart that questions and wants to know just why.

He loves the one who cries in grief instead of standing by.

If not, the world would never get the beauty of the things

that come from wanting more of what we know the answer brings.

To question fosters progress. To ask increases trust.

If found, a profound faith in what we know inspires us.

God loves the man who asks His name and whether He is real.

The question begs an answer or a reason not to kneel.

In that moment of discovery, as the focus is the task

is when God becomes the answer to any question we could ask.

If I feel shame in asking, the disgrace is all my own

for God may love the questioner even more than one who won’t.


© 2016 Dee Shihady

Watch this great YouTube video on the personality of  the Questioner, according to Gretchen Rubin, Author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before (the book I’m currently reading!) Are you a Questioner?  I have been my whole life! lol