The Quiet Christian

I am a mom, a step-mom and a grandmother from the sandwich generation. I am an aunt, daughter, step-daughter, and sister. I am a writer, photographer, singer and the CEO of an adoption agency. I am a leader, a follower, a survivor and sinner. And I am a Christian.

I am the one afraid to believe too much or ask too often. I am someone who doesn’t pray enough but wants to ask with a sincere heart.  I am anyone who questions God but humbly tries to understand. I am everyone who aches when life’s unfair but knows that God is still good.

I am not a religion, I am a child of God. I am not a church, I am His vessel. I am not His judgment, I am His love. All I have is His, all I am is what He made me to be. It isn’t perfect, it isn’t even great sometimes, but it is enough for Him so, in gratitude, I try to be even more. I Love God and Love Others.

I am a friend while you ask the questions I did, and do.


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