You Are More Than a Mom!

Why is this so hard to believe sometimes?

More than a Mom is a mission. It started out as a program to help pregnant women decide what to do. Now it’s a mission for all moms to be more.
More than a Mom is a circle. Sometimes we find that we all feel a little helpless, a little needy of direction, support and motivation.
More than a Mom is a statement. Over thirty years ago someone told me that all I should ever want to be is a wife and a mother.
I found out that I could be so much more!

I wasn’t upset, though I should have been. I knew my family didn’t mean to hurt me. I was sixteen and that’s the way the women in my family, and our religion, had always been.  I should have been shocked that talking about what I wanted to be someday brought up such dismissive words but I wasn’t. When this “direction for life” was given to me I didn’t think anyone really meant, “The only thing”.

Maybe you’re reading this and nodding; been there right?  Or maybe you are one of the few lucky women that were told they could have it all.  In that case, you probably just gasped and said some expletive worthy of a sailor. Every woman who has ever had the opportunity of becoming more would agree. I do too. Now.

At seventeen, I traded my college scholarship for an arranged wedding because everyone seemed to know what was best for me, more than I did.  A few years later, as a young mother of two who wanted to be more, I dared broach the subject of going to college or starting a business to my husband.  Quite suddenly I knew it was not going to happen. He laughed at me.  He told me I was supposed to be nothing but a wife and a mother. Then he told me that I wasn’t even very good at that.

I didn’t get to a degree until thirteen years later.  By then, of course, the scholarship was gone, I had been through two divorces and I had six children at home doing homework with me! Today I have two degrees and I own my own businessand all three of my girls have gone to college.  Oh, but that’s a whole different story!

I have seen things girl! Oh, honey you have no idea! I have been through hell and back, got the t-shirt and aching to go home; it was exhausting. morgan-sessions-6255-unsplash

Whoever you are, wherever you are in life; pregnant and deciding, already a mom or an empty-nester caring for your parents,  I don’t want you to ever worry that you are not more than what you are doing.

You deserve so much more!

You should be able to become all you ever wanted to be AND be a fantastic mom! You should do that with a cheerleader in your corner, an experienced leader over the tightropes, a guide maneuvering you around the pitfalls, and a coach jumping over the hurdles with you. I wanted that. I would have given anything for that. And now, YOU have that! I will be your very own Momma Motivator. Why? Because you’re the best thing that’s come along since sliced bread and because I love doing this!


More than a Mom (>M or >Mom for short) is all about giving you what you need to make healthy, successful choices so that you can become what you were intended to become – whatever that is.

If you need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to jump up and down with, I’m there. If you need advice on how to survive today or how to move forward tomorrow, or you just need someone to pray with, I can do that too. There’s nothing like advice from someone who has been where you are and come out the other side.

Feel free to contact me below and tell me a little about what you’re up to in life right now? I absolutely love hearing the stories. Honest! Or just check out the blog as often as you like to see what new fun and hacks we’re talking about! It’s all here for you…yes you, Ms. Just-a-mom

You ARE more, so BE more!

Dee Shihady


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