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I Shall Not Want

I love to shop. I love it so much that I use it as my down time, my celebration and my pacifier.  It is really not healthy even though I don’t really buy much. In fact, my husband and my mother have both noted that I can “nickle and dime” myself to death. Still, it seems I can hear the Spirit whispering when I’m moving through the isles, “Are you sure you really need that?”

And, of course, I usually don’t.

Barring the story of the “good shepherd” and how he always sees to the needs of his flock, I attempt to remind myself that this time it’s more than that.  This time when I read, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” (Psalm 23:1) I realize that believing this small phrase is a matter of trust, not acquiesce.  It’s not about sitting passively wishing I had more but of trusting that if I really need it, I will have it.

I’m not sure if you’re like me but I know I’m not that person…the one that waits to see if I really need it.  I am a Preparer; an obsessed version of the good boy scout.  Ask me, at any given time, what I have in my purse and I’m sure I will be able to bring forth something odd and/or only necessary if the sun goes down at exactly 7:19 pm.  So the idea of passing up something in the store that I might, at some point, want to use is really difficult for me. (How many extra measuring tapes and boxes that look like books can one use, you say?)

“I shall not want…”, it’s not a command, it’s a promise.


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God Loves a Questioner

God loves a questioner;

the man who asks before he does.

As much as he who nodding, plodding, does it just because.

God loves a heart that questions and wants to know just why.

He loves the one who cries in grief instead of standing by.

If not, the world would never get the beauty of the things

that come from wanting more of what we know the answer brings.

To question fosters progress. To ask increases trust.

If found, a profound faith in what we know inspires us.

God loves the man who asks His name and whether He is real.

The question begs an answer or a reason not to kneel.

In that moment of discovery, as the focus is the task

is when God becomes the answer to any question we could ask.

If I feel shame in asking, the disgrace is all my own

for God may love the questioner even more than one who won’t.


© 2016 Dee Shihady

Watch this great YouTube video on the personality of  the Questioner, according to Gretchen Rubin, Author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before (the book I’m currently reading!) Are you a Questioner?  I have been my whole life! lol


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The Lesser Trials

(c)2012 Waltzingon Photography

What is learned respect for earned humility?

The natural feeling of grateful reflection of another trial overcome?

I, too, have been humbled by the enormous

but I have failed to respect the provoked devotion

one must have to bow beneath lesser trials.

It is easy to comfort oneself after the big mountains

saying, “Look, all I had to overcome!”

But maybe in reverence we should bow our hearts,

even in an exhausted plea for comfort,

for those trials of a lesser degree,

those problems of every day,

and then experience true humility.