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I Shall Not Want

I love to shop. I love it so much that I use it as my down time, my celebration and my pacifier.  It is really not healthy even though I don’t really buy much. In fact, my husband and my mother have both noted that I can “nickle and dime” myself to death. Still, it seems I can hear the Spirit whispering when I’m moving through the isles, “Are you sure you really need that?”

And, of course, I usually don’t.

Barring the story of the “good shepherd” and how he always sees to the needs of his flock, I attempt to remind myself that this time it’s more than that.  This time when I read, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” (Psalm 23:1) I realize that believing this small phrase is a matter of trust, not acquiesce.  It’s not about sitting passively wishing I had more but of trusting that if I really need it, I will have it.

I’m not sure if you’re like me but I know I’m not that person…the one that waits to see if I really need it.  I am a Preparer; an obsessed version of the good boy scout.  Ask me, at any given time, what I have in my purse and I’m sure I will be able to bring forth something odd and/or only necessary if the sun goes down at exactly 7:19 pm.  So the idea of passing up something in the store that I might, at some point, want to use is really difficult for me. (How many extra measuring tapes and boxes that look like books can one use, you say?)

“I shall not want…”, it’s not a command, it’s a promise.


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The Day God Made

This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. —Psalm 118:24


Hi, my name is Dee, and I am a control addict [hello Dee].  It’s been 10 minutes and 21 seconds since my last attempt to control a situation.  I have alienated friends, family, and strangers with  my addiction.  I know it’s all an illusion but I can’t help myself, it’s a disease.

Okay, seriously, I have not alienated people (because I also like to control whether I’m liked or not) but I have gone through some major emotional pain trying to make things come out the way I want them to be.

So the other day I was reading this scripture verse and it suddenly hit me to put the emphasis in another part of the sentence.  THIS is the day the Lord has made.

As in, this is the day the Lord has made…(Yes, I’m sure you would like this day to be a different kind of day)… Let us rejoice and be glad in it….(So, be grateful for this type of day and know that I have a plan.)

Oh, so this isn’t a sentence only meant to praise God but also to give up your control issues?

ME:  No! This is not working out right!  Oh God, I don’t think I can do this!

GOD:  Relax, I’ve got this.  This is the day I made.

ME:  But if this happens everything will be ruined!

GOD:  But this is the day I have made.

ME:  I can’t see any good come of this!  It’s painful for me and uncomfortable for them.

GOD:  Every way of a man is right in his own eyes but the Lord weighs and tries the hearts*. This is the reason I have made this day.

ME:  But, what if…

GOD:  Nevertheless, this is the day I have made.

Hi, my name is Dee, and I am a control addict [hello Dee].  It’s been 5 minutes since my last attempt to control a situation and God loves me anyway. Lucky for me He forgives my attempts to control Him too.

*Proverbs 21:2
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How to Wait

I have no need

on bended knee

to plead my cause to God above

for all He does

approved or not, by me,

my Father does with love.

So as I kneel

if I could learn

that time was made abundantly

and recognize

in life, in time,

my Father knows what’s best for me.

So when I plead

an earthly cause

I have no need to want control.

A willing heart,

and trusting faith,

will bring me closer to my goal.

(c) May 2016  DWS