About Me

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My name is Dee. I have the best husband there is, 6 wonderful adult children, 10 amazing grandchildren and a life full of love.

A Christian

When this blog began I was just finding my way back. I was so put off by the fanatic-type of Christian others referred to as “Jesus Freaks” and “Holy Rollers”. I had already drank the koolaid, sort of, and I was scared to admit that, even after years of saying I may have been duped,  I still wanted God in my life. So I started this blog for myself really. So I could actually read for myself the things I mulled out as I searched for Jesus. I didn’t publicize it (though some still found me) and I didn’t prioritize writing (like I probably should have). I just became quietly Christian for myself.

A Mom

I am the mother of six adults ages 22 to 37 at the time of writing this, though one has recently passed away. We existed mostly on laughter and I wrote about a lot of that in my book, Laughing at the Storms.   I started my role as mom at the age of 18 and sent my last one off to college a few years ago, in my fifties. It has been grueling at times. It has also been wonderful, but usually not at the same time. I always wanted to share that with other moms who wished they had parenting manuals.

A Writer

Today I am a semi-retired but very tired writer. (I have always been a writer but now I can say it without feeling overwhelmed by all the titles.) I am sharing life through poetry,  pictures and words hoping to touch someone from my tiny space in the world. I hope you find something that inspires you to reach out yourself.  If you are a collector of information, like I am, come check out my quick posts on Dz Hacks & Stuff also!