My name is Dee Shihady. I am a quiet christian and I’m more than a mom.

A Quiet Christian?

When this blog began I was just finding my way back. I was so put off by the fanatic-type of Christian others referred to as “Jesus Freaks” and “Holy Rollers”. I had already drunk the koolaid, sort of, and I was scared to admit that, even after years of saying I may have been duped,  I still wanted God in my life. So I started this blog for myself really. So I could actually see for myself the things I mulled out as I searched for Jesus. I didn’t publicize it (though some still found me) and I didn’t prioritize writing (like I probably should have). I just became quietly Christian for myself.

A Mom!

I am the mother of six adults ages 21 to 36 at the time of writing this. Somehow I survived and they did too. We existed mostly on laughter.

I would love to give you the quick and dirty of my life but it’s too long. Besides, I wrote about a lot of it in my new book coming out in the next few months, Laughing at the Storms. I’ll let you know when it gets out if you’d like!

Suffice it to say I started my role as a mom at the age of 18 and sent my last one off to college a few years ago, in my fifties. It has been grueling at times. It has also been wonderful but usually not at the same time. I always wanted to share that with other moms who wished they had parenting manuals.

Now For the MORE part

As I mentioned on another page, I was seventeen when I got married. I traded my college scholarship and everything I thought I would be someday for a marriage to someone eight years older. My parents encouraged it because they liked this guy and thought I was being a pain in the neck at home. (Sorry  mom…you know I forgive you!).

I didn’t get to college until thirteen years later and I had six children in the house doing homework with me. By then I had been teaching in just about every aspect I could without the doctorate I wanted, including as an ESL instructor for French students. My dream was to teach adults.

By that age, of course the scholarship was gone and today I have school loans of my own to pay, in addition to helping my children through college.  Still, I did it! I got an associates degree in business administration and a few years later a bachelor in Social Science and Education.  I was a foster parent of eight girls at one point and I’ve been the children’s choir leader, taught poetry and graphology at the community college, had a voice lesson business of my own, taught every age group in a church setting, been a youth group leader, women’s leader and even plowed fields on a tractor in Idaho (all that before getting a degree!).

Today I own an Adoption Agency and I’m a published author, poet, a photographer, public speaker, momma motivator and the grandmother of eight. I am definitely a professional mother!

I didn’t tell you one bit of that to brag (okay a little – it was hard work!). I shared this to let you know that you can be and do whatever you want and more. I didn’t start out with some kind of advantage (unless you count a mom that always encouraged me). My parents were middle class. Mom’s side was even less affluent and my sisters and I are the first generation to go to college. I didn’t marry rich. I went through divorces, poverty, periods of no faith, the death of a child, raised a child with a learning disability, helped with two step-sons, and sent a 18 year old boy to Iraq. I had a goth child, juvenile delinquent, homeless child, and one that had to be admitted for a brief stint. AND…I…DID…MORE…THAN…SURVIVE.

You can too.  I’ll help you if you’ll let me.

It’s my pleasure.

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